diary 2016.10.17

기억들2016. 10. 19. 10:10@Dcbae

Old gentleman has hit on shoulder during my off work.
I asked his apologizing. he refused apologizing and he shout to crowd that; "Young generation have to show respect to old generation. how damn you are"
But I don't think so. I asked strongly his apologizing again. he began to ruined and being violent.

I called policy, but there are many crowd and saw me as not polite, not kind. even some people told me that young people is hurting old people.

But it is totally not true.

Finally, police officers came on spot. both of me and old gentleman, we went to police office to make statement.

Prior to entering officer door, officer said that this is last chance to make reconciliation; otherwise it going to be loss to both.

Old generation changed his voice ton and said that I maybe made my mistake but young people shall respect old people.

Still do you want to receive respect from me? if so, please show me the worthy to do.

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